The Ultimate Guide to Sleeping Better

This could be your ultimate guide on how to sleep better at night, particularly if you are currently struggling to sleep these days.

There are dozens of suggestions, recommendations, and remedies that you can apply to improve your sleeping habits.

Here are the most proven, timeless pieces of advice. Do these before trying anything else!

Eight hours sleep a night

Forget all the popular chatter about how our ancestors slept.

Listen to your momma, instead.

Our doctors, mothers and grandmothers have been telling us the right answer, for years; a minimum of eight hours of sleep is needed to ensure your body renews itself completely for the following day.

It has also been said before that where children are concerned, this recommended minimum helps them grow healthily.

An 8-hour sleep is good for adults, too, and aids both physical and mental health. Adults who have not been following this important piece of advice due to lifestyle choices and circumstances (and nothing more serious than that) can now take heart in knowing that natural cures can be used to enhance the nightly ritual.

Adopt a Mediterranean Lifestyle

med diet pyramid

Modern, hardworking suburbanites should take a leaf out of the book of those living in what has been called the Mediterranean areas of Europe.

Changing your lifestyle and habits, modeling it on these centuries’ old cultural traditions and practices, will improve your sleeping patterns immeasurably.

Take the Spaniards for example; they have been doing this for centuries. Around noon each day, Spaniards have been indulging in what they call siestas. What this means is that they take an afternoon nap of no more than one hour.

Although this may not be the best diet plan in the world, the Mediterranean’s tend to eat late at night due to their traditionally longer days.

Balanced eating habits

Best nutritional and medical advice also backs this up with the emphasis always on balance, consistently eating three meals a day with breakfast being the most important meal of the day.

Also, the old advice of never going to bed on a full stomach still applies.

Experts say that evening meals should be a lot lighter than traditional Western practices of full-course meals.

Backing this up with natural alternatives to stimulants such as caffeine also helps relax the body in preparation for sleep.

Talk with your doctor

People who find that such basic advice is still not working for them should visit their doctors.

Extreme factors such as stress and anxiety may have something to do with the inability to sleep properly at night.

Also, lifestyle habits and choices may need to be adjusted. Then there is still the question of whether people are using the correct mattress.

So, if you find that you are still not sleeping well at night, the first thing you should be doing when you get out of bed in the morning is begin applying good advice on how to sleep better.


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