The Best Herbal Remedies And Aids For Sleep Deprivation

In an ideal world, good sleep is important and needed by everyone, however, people can use herbal remedies for sleep deprivation. The effects of poor sleeping patterns are evident in the physical and cognitive actions of sufferers. There is more to sleep deprivation than feeling tired in the morning.

This drowsiness can lead to poor concentration, memory loss, and reduced motor skills. The drowsiness and the frustration of poor sleep can then lead to issues of irritability and mood issues. Then there are the physical effects of headaches and nausea.

The best way to stop this is to create a new regime full of the best sleep aids and natural remedies.

The first step to building a better sleep regime is to improve sleep hygiene.

There are many small steps that we can take to allow the body to find a natural rhythm that makes sleep much easier. It is important to establish a good routine with the same bedtime and wake-up time and to stick with it. It helps to end with some relaxation, or perhaps even some meditation to calm the body down.

Reading, listening to music, or a nice bath all work. Where possible, we should take all screens (smartphones, iPads, TV, computers, laptops)  out of the room to remove distractions and decrease their effect on brain function.

No screens also mean a darker place, which can help with the production of melanin. If all of this isn’t enough, there are natural remedies that can add as an additional sleep aid.

The following five products are all-natural remedies for those looking for a reliable sleep aid. (prices are approximate)

1. Aromatherapy Associates Deep Relax Bath & Shower Oil 55ml:  $73

A warm, relaxing bath was one of the options mentioned above as one of the best ways to prepare for a good night’s sleep.


This bath oil can increase the potential via potent botanical extracts for a great natural sleep aid. It contains Vetivert, Chamomile, and Sandalwood, each of which is ideal for a comforting feeling. All users need is a cap-full in a bath to feel the effects.

2. Neal’s Yard Remedies Beauty Sleep Concentrate, 30ml:  $43

If a bath before bed seems like too much effort, or there isn’t the time after a long day, this natural sleep aid could be of use. This lotion also works as a restorative night cream – something to reduce the look of fine lines. However, this natural option also contains aromatherapy oils for relaxation.

This formula includes narcissus Gazzetta bulb extract, tripeptide, and grape seed oil. This natural remedy is a great way for users to enhance that bedtime routine.

The act of applying the cream before bed takes the mind off the day, has a therapeutic feeling and users know there are physical benefits too.

3. Melissa Dream Natural Supplement Tablets:  $15- $30

The alternative option in natural remedies that many people are more interested in is the natural supplement.

The accessibility and risks of sleeping pills mean that many desire something safer. These tablets offer just that with an impressive complex that works to promote relaxation rather than drowsiness.

This includes lemon balm, chamomile L-theanine, magnesium and Vitamin B. There is nothing weird or revolutionary here, but they can help.

4. Bio Health’s Good Night Supplements: $9

By comparison, this option is a little more unusual regarding the ingredients used. There are elements here that some buyers may not have tried before. Still, they each have their potential benefit. Vervain eases anxiety, which works nicely with the Valerian that helps users fall asleep.

Bio Health Goodnight Supplements

Valerian is available on its own, but this blend brings in more beneficial elements at a fair price. There there are the hops and the Passiflora which are both used for restlessness at night.

Finally, there is wild lettuce, which is an ingredient used for some sleeping disorders. This sleep aid may be unusual, but it could help.

5. Bach Rescue Night Liquid Melts:  $10

The final option here is to go with a liquid form of a supplement. These herbal remedies are perfect for those that like the sound of the supplements above but don’t like taking tablets.

These liquid capsules contain more botanical aids, such as white chestnut, to help clear the mind and bring some relaxation to the end of the day.

Either of these supplements could work well with a sleep hygiene routine. It is all about finding the best formula.

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